Thank you Flagler County, for re-electing               

   to the    

Flagler County School Board!

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"Andy Dance was the one School Board member who had the foresight to challenge the rest of the board

on the half-mill tax last spring. He is visible at school functions in a cheerleader role. He brings a

business approach to the board and is a true leader.  We recommend Dance"


The Flagler County Association of REALTORS is recommending the re-election
of Andy Dance to the Flagler County School Board, District 1.
Andy..."rated the highest among all the candidates for this position during the recent
candidate screening sessions conducted by the Association."

"Mr. Dance...has played a crucial role offering the children of our county the best opportunity to grow and develop as
current students and future leaders here and abroad. The Flagler County Professional Firefighter's Association
believes Mr. Andy Dance is an essential part of Flagler County's continued success in education,
and we pledge our full support..."